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The 414s


Michael Vollmann


Chris James Thompson


Amanda Griffin



This short documentary premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and tells the story of the first widely recognized computer hackers -- a group of teenagers who gained notoriety in 1983 when they broke into the pentagons computer systems.

CNN Films presents "The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers," a look at an unexpected group of hackers who forever changed the idea of cybersecurity.

In the early 1980s, this group of Milwaukee teenagers broke into dozens of prominent computer systems, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, sparking landmark legislation that impacts how we use technology today.

CNN Films launched its series of digital short films representing a collaboration between CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios with "The 414s" in March of 2015.  The film debuted across CNN’s digital platforms, extending across, CNN’s mobile properties including CNNgo, and CNN’s social footprint.

“This new venture into short-form documentary story-telling brings to fruition, our vision for a premium, multidimensional, film brand for CNN.  CNN Films premieres have the ability to capture audiences across theatrical, broadcast, and now digital spaces,” said Vinnie Malhotra, senior vice president of development and acquisitions for CNN Worldwide.

THE 414s examines the first widely-recognized computer hackers, a group of Milwaukee teenagers who broke in to dozens of prominent computer systems, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 1983, and inspired the term.

“The 414s is an incredibly well-crafted and uniquely digital film --an intimate, surprising and timely story that you'll want to share with your friends. It's the perfect start to the next chapter in premium storytelling for CNN Digital Studios,” said Chris Berend, vice president of video content development for CNN/U.S.

Additional shorts slated for 2015 include an untitled project by director Joe Berlinger, the unusual behind-the-scenes look at how a New York supermodel rose to success; and Sarah Feeley’s RAISING RYLAND, a journey inside the transgender experience as lived by a six-year-old boy and his parents.  Future films will include projects from Andrew Jenks (MTV’s World of Jenks) and Roger Ross Williams (GOD LOVES UGANDA).